Our Factory



Continental Exports (GH) Ltd. started building Volta Seafood (trade mark) factory in 2001.The factory was built according to the highest standards in the industry.


Our workers are well trained and they are committed to perform their task at the highest level in order to maintain the highest quality and to produce safe products.
 We are equipped with a freezing capacity of 66,000kg per 24 hours, enough to take care of fish supplies during peak seasonsThe freezing system comprises of Freon system and Ammonia system.
 The Freon system has 2 Freon blast freezers with a capacity of 10,000 kg in 24 hours. The Ammonia system has 3 plate freezers at a capacity of 36,000 kg per 24 hours, a blast freezer with a capacity of 20,000 kg per 24 hours and cold rooms with a storage capacity of 500 tons.                                          

Our freezing equipments are from leading companies in the     refrigeration industry like Bitzer, Evapco, DSI, Searle etc. We have a professional technicians who control and maintain the systems round the clock.